7 Real Reasons Why Buying Local is Lekker

by | Jan 18, 2018 | South Africa

We all know the saying, local is lekker, but do we really understand what is so “lekker” about buying local merchandise?  Some of us might believe it to be a mere sentimental adage – one we utter with the same emotion we may use to express a preference for our mother’s chicken pie above a takeaway meal.

However, there are real and important advantages in favouring locally produced goods above imported ones (and, by the way, in eating your mom’s chicken rather than McDs …).

Here are some great grounds to products from your home ground:

Enrich the Economy

When we spend our cash internally, it means that money is kept in circulation and do not “leak out” into foreign markets. This adds to the health of our economy. Moreover, it leads to numerous social improvements, like decreased unemployment, reduced pressure on national welfare, less crime, etc. Individual citizens (like you!) reap endless benefits from a stronger domestic economy, so it is definitely worth it to invest in it!

Nurture Nature

Less importing entails a lower carbon footprint. It’s as simple as that.

Transparent Trading

When you buy local, you know what you get. Therefore, there are many ethical reasons to do so. With home-grown goods, it is much easier to trace the origins of material and to know under what circumstances products are manufactured. People, animals and the environment are protected this way. 

Sustain Skills

When national production is supported, local expertise and artistry are encouraged and preserved. Conversely, if we overly rely on importation to meet our consumer needs, we force native artisans out of business and thereby killing local skills. This is not only unfortunate – it could end up being very costly for a country, especially during a time of crisis, sanctions or war when importation becomes impossible.

Direct Delivery

When you buy online from a nationally-based business, you sidestep many complications regarding shipment. Delivery is mostly quicker and there is no hidden import tax. Furthermore, when you purchase from abroad, returns and customer support become complicated (or even impossible!).

Superior standard

Cheap, imported goods always come with a price, as mass manufacturing is sure to provide merchandise that is lower in quality and bear the mark of conformity. On the other hand, small scale production entails more carefully crafted, higher quality products that are much more personal and unique.

Refined relevance

Local products are designed with you in mind! They are created to meet local needs, are fit for the local climate and tend to abide to local trends.

Local is lekker is clearly more than just a patriotic proverb! There are plenty of perks in supporting Proudly South African products. So, do it!

Tan is proudly South African when it comes to our material and manufacturing. View our range of lekker local leather products below.

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