When will I receive my package?

We know, we know  you are anxious to brag with your gorgeous new bag! We promise that we are dedicated to get it to you as soon as possible! In most cases, deliveries take 2-4 working days to main centres and 4-5 working days to regional areas. However, these durations are not a guarantee.

Here is how the delivery process works:

Depending on stock levels, your package will be shipped within 1-7 working days after we have received your order and payment confirmation. Your package should arrive in 1-3 working days thereafter, depending on the delivery address. International shipment takes a bit longer, depending on the country.

How much does shipping cost?

Good news: Shipping to anywhere in South Africa for all orders above R500 is on us. For smaller orders, the cost per item is R100. International shipping will be calculated based on the country upon checkout.

What type of leather do you use?

We honestly love honest leather. Therefore, we are very proud and very picky when it comes to choosing our material. We handpick everything for production to ensure we only use 100% bovine, aniline, full-grain, pull-up leather.

So what does this tongue twister mean in plain language?

BOVINE simply means that we use cattle hides.

ANILINE leather is immersed in a dye bath to colour it fully with a transparent dye. Because the finish is transparent and reveals the natural markings of the leather, only the best quality hides can be used.

FULL-GRAIN refers to hides that have not been altered beyond hair removal, as opposed to corrected leather that is sanded, buffed, or snuffed. Consequently, rather than wearing out, it will develop a patina (dark, rustic-looking layer) over time. Full-grain leather retains the natural texture and markings of the original hide, making it much more authentic and good-looking.

PULL-UP describes the behaviour of leather treated in such a way with oils, waxes and dyes that the finish becomes lighter in stretched areas. This is considered a mark of  high quality.

If you were wondering leather or not we use the finest material, we hope this settles the question for you!

Will the product I receive, match the photo on the website?

One of the reasons we love leather so much, is because every hide is unique. Just like no two people have the same skin, no two cows have either! This means your product will be as exclusive as you are!  However, we do try to keep our merchandise as close as possible to the items reflected in our photos in terms of design, but small deviations in texture and colour can be expected and there may be unique, minor scratches or marks on your product.

It is guaranteed to have a personality of its own that will mature even more beautifully over time. And you are guaranteed to fall in love with it.

How do I care for my leather?

Fortunately, leather is a very durable material and requires minimal maintenance.  

  • Applying a good quality, natural leather oil once every 3 months. After applying the oil, polish your fittings with a cotton cloth.
  • Dust regularly with a soft cloth.
  • Avoid prolonged, direct sunlight.
  • Do not clean with water.
  • If you wish to make use of a leather cleaner/conditioner, always test on an inconspicuous spot first.
Do you engrave or Take custom orders?

We do minor alterations to our existing designs, for example a change in the width or length of the product. This will be charged at a 20% markup on the original price.

We do not, however, do full customisation or engraving, although we hope to have this option available in future.

Any Other Question?
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