Handbag safety 101


Almost any girl is inseparable from her handbag – that most essential accessory critical to her survival. To avoid an unthinkable and possibly permanent split-up from this best friend of yours, you should need to know about handbag safety, in order to keep your handbag out of harm’s way while on the move.

Handbag Safety 101Women are a greater target for bag theft, not necessarily because we are too weak to pull a ninja counter-attack, but because… well, our handbags are more likely to be a goldfield. As actor Billy Connolly puts it, “A woman’s mind is as complex as the contents of her handbag; even when you get to the bottom of it there is ALWAYS something to surprise you!” Robbers hope to find valuable surprises at the bottom, so do not let all those complex thoughts divert your attention from safeguarding your handbag!

Here are some handbag safety tips to help you with this mission:


Out of sight out of bag

Like your child, your bag should always be in your view. For example, never hang it on the back of a chair in a restaurant or put it down while trying on shoes. This might sound very obvious, but we all know how carried away we can get when shoe shopping or meeting up with a girlfriend for an overdue coffee…


Keep your friends close and your handbag closer

Not only should you be able to see your bag, it should preferably be attached to your body in order to minimise the risk of a grab-and-run. Therefore, never let it hang loose on a pram or sit by itself in a shopping trolley, etc. When seated, put it on your lap or secure the strap around the leg of the chair or your own leg. Avoid putting it on an empty seat next to you.


Bag-on-board safety

When driving with your bag, resist the temptation to put it on the passenger or back seat. This will make you a soft target for a smash-and-grab. Rather, place it out of sight – in the boot of the car or by your feet.


Zip it!

In order to deter pickpockets, keep your bag’s zipper closed while on the go. Again, this might sound obvious, but just think about how often you dig into your dear attaché for your phone or lip gloss. Avoid doing this in busy public places where someone could easily snatch one of your possessions and disappear in the crowd.


Don’t let go when you “need to go”

When you are in one of those public toilet cubicles with a gap at the bottom of the partition, do not put your bag down on the floor. Not only is this a bit gross, but there may be a thief waiting in the cubicle next to you, ready to catch you, ahem… pants down. Rather hang it behind the door or keep it on your lap.


No bag behind your back

It is best to refrain from carrying your handbag behind your body. Again, this makes it simpler for a petty thief to “relieve” you of some of your belongings. It is also easier for your bag to get caught, for example in revolving or sliding doors sliding doors, or to get hooked on something. Keep it close to your heart – where it belongs.


Lastly, remember that no matter how much you treasure your bag and all of its contents, it does not come close to your own health and safety. Therefore, do not attach it so firmly to your body that you cannot let go when under attack.


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