Why Leather Bags are Superior

The 6 S’s of Leather Bags’ Superiority

Wondering whether leather is really your kinda bag, whether leather bags are superior? Well, as far as bags are concerned, leather certainly is the superior substance against which anything synthetic seems like a sad sack.

Here is why you should be bagging leather:

Superior Strength

A leather bag is as strong as an ox – quite literally, since it is made of bovine hides. It could “leather many storms” without damaging. Moreover, its toughness and relative water resistance means that not only the exterior can withstand a great deal, but your most valuable belongings on the inside are also protected.

Superior Style

Leather is undeniably classy and the owner of a leather bag bears the seal of sophistication. Gear made from leather represents fashion that is real, unpretentious and classic rather than artificial, flashy and tacky. With leather on your side, you elevate your elegance.

Superior Stability

Leather is long-lasting: Its look is timeless and its quality is durable. When it comes to leather accessories, scratches and marks only enhance their appearance. Also, time has proven they will not become “last season” any time soon. Therefore, a mature leather bag is not any old bag! Which brings us to the next point…

Superior Savings

Although leather bags are often more expensive than their synthetic counterparts, they are better for the budget in the long run. The powerful combination of a robust physique and fixed fashionableness means when you buy leather, you buy forever!

Superior Sensation

A leather bag is more than just a practical attaché or even a fashion statement. Leather provides a sensory experience: Its genuineness entices the eyes; the natural fibres feel satisfying on the skin; its exceptional, earthy aroma is alluring to smell. No manmade material can possibly match the mood leather creates – which is certainly something you want to be carrying with you all day.

Superior Sanitation

Leather is a non-synthetic substance and this “realness” is better for your health in many ways. It breathes – which means it does not trap allergens or germs like the fake fabrics from which many modern bags are fashioned. Moreover, artificial material could cause health issues (like skin rashes) due to toxic chemicals or other unnatural elements in their makeup.

In the light of all these advantages, you might consider getting rid of your baggage and rather go through life lugging leather along. 

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